Because We Need More Than a Rising Tide
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We can’t do this without you. 33% of our funding comes from individuals like you who want a future full of opportunity for all Washingtonians.



State of Working Washington
COVID-19 Pandemic Means Unprecedented Job Losses, but Impact Isn’t Uniform

Smaller, high-wage sectors and people with college degrees face better odds

State of Working Washington
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Retirement Security

July 20, 2020

GOP Payroll Tax Cut: Little to Nothing for Most Americans, a Windfall for the Top 20%

Undercutting Social Security's finances is a first step toward dismantling the program


June 23, 2020

Washington Can’t Afford Austerity

We need funds invested in our communities, not in the pockets of the wealthy

Healthy Communities

June 22, 2020

As Feds Fail to Act on HEROES, Washington’s Budget Crisis Deepens

Congress refuses to use a tool that could prevent national economic devastation